So this is my newest short film. It was quite the task trying to get this done. We did have three days of shooting, but only about one hour each day. Just a lot of complications with locations and the time we had shooting at each one.

   The only reason this was able to be accomplished really was because my crew helped out so much and the fact that my actor was seriously so good about just exhausting himself and doing each work out over and over so we could get the angles. Never once did I hear a complaint from anyone. That made my day.

   This was my first short film with my new camera and that was the main reason for filming it. I just wanted to get out and see what this thing could do. I had used one a few times before, but client work and cinema are two different fields. This camera did a lot better than i thought it would at cinematic storytelling. 

   Before I move onto the meaning and the significance of this short film, I have to give a massive shout out to my composer Mason Bayne. This guy took it to the house with this short piece. We spent an hour meeting and just talking about the feel for the short film and to be honest I left a little nervous. I knew that what I was needing for this short was gonna be super difficult to make and demanded such a high level of talent. All this to say that the next day I got an email with an attachment from Mason. I remember opening it up and it felt like my heart stood still. I cannot give this guy enough credit for how talented he is and how amazing he did on this short.

   Now moving on to a lot of what drove this short film and my feelings behind it.

   Devotion. We are all devoted in some way, shape or form to someone or something. That was the premise for this. But are we all devoted to the right things? 

   I remember sitting down to brainstorm for this short and just kept thinking of all the things in life that I devoted my life to from the past to the present. The thing that really stood out to me was that, even though I call myself a follower of Christ, I really could not say I have had the same devotion to pursuing him as I have sports all through high school or Film from college to now. I just thought about the hours and hours of training I put into sports or just perfecting my craft in filmmaking. That is a lot of hours. It just caused me to really think.

   I know that we all have things that we just pour our devotion into. I would argue that most of these things we are so passionate about are great things…but the thought still comes to my mind, how devoted are we really trying to be to following Christ? The devotion I put into making a film takes countless hours sometimes, but just as much as I pour into that I need to be even more so devoting and working hard to pursue MY FIRST LOVE. After all…what is really more important to me?

   That was what fueled this short for me. I am a very devoted person, as are all of us. I just wanted to put a visual together of what devotion looks like…and let that be a reminder of how my devotion needs to be towards my Savior. Relentless and Passionate.



02/03/2014 8:42am

Amazing blog and amazing video. God has truly gifted you and I'm proud that you are using your talents to glorify him.

02/03/2014 1:42pm

Dude. This is awesome. I loved the film and I adore the story and themes behind it. You are SO right. I pour my heart into so many worthless things. I give hours of my time and energy for things that are not eternal. I think it is no coincidence that Paul compares living a life of faith to running a race. I really want to spend more time diving into God's word and being sure that I listen when he speaks and follow where he leads. We've always talked about how self-motivated you are... I truly believe it is a God-given gift. It is absolutely amazing to see you use that gift to remind yourself of his presence in your life. Keep up the great work friend!


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